-What is ArtDesh Foundation? 

ArtDesh Foundation was ArtDesh Gallery with basic goal supporting upcoming artists, promoting and helping them to make a sustainable living through their profession in the field of art. We strive to encourage upcoming artists and help them achieve success.To the best of abilities we helped artists to sell their works; supported them financially. Some artists were helped in their illness. Some new artists who were not encouraged by other galleries were welcome by us to pursue art as their profession. We organised their shows in our gallery and also showcased their works in art fairs.
However, we realised that the present set up was inadequate to function on a larger scale. With growing needs of the talented and upcoming artists it was necessary to turn into a NGO and get participation of the artist community to fulfil our objectives. It was decided to turn Artdesh in to a Foundation.

-Why ArtDesh Foundation? 

ArtDesh Foundation is of the artist, by the artist and for the artist. 

-What do we offer ? 

We give grants and support to artist. We also help in promoting art and art education across the nation. 

-Who is eligible for the grant? 

Artist who are financially unstable due to old age, medical issues. We specially help the students who are highly capable and talented but are unable get admission in the colleges due to monetary issues. 


-How can I apply for these grants ? 

Please submit the information to apply for the grant. 


-What is the the criteria for getting the grants?

ArtDesh Foundation directors team will review applicant made for the grants and if found satisfactory by the committee the grant will be made to the applicant selected. 

- How can I Volunteer?