The organisation has transitioned from a commercially run gallery that was established in 2008 with the core ethos of promoting and working with emerging artists. Over the years, ArtDesh had often extended out charitable support to artists, as well as create art projects and events with purely a public interest intent. These endeavours were a natural fit to the spirit and culture of the organisation, and with that in mind, ArtDesh Foundation was founded.


Although a relatively recent endeavour, through ArtDesh’s previous incarnation we had achieved many of the objectives set out in the Foundation. Our gallery space was often given out to talented artists striving to find a path in the challenging world of Art and furthered by also offering financial support to allow them to overcome their own personal hardships. We had encountered some elderly artists who had dedicated their entire lives to their craft but who in later life had found it impossible to create enough works with their ailing bodies to enable them to meet their day-to-day financial needs. We of course supported them, and others, of all ages, when unable to overcome the financial burdens thrown at them, such as medical expenses and the like.


This kind of act of giving of course stems from humanitarian grounds but equally it comes from our passion for art. These were artists we supported, creators, imaginative thinkers who transcend the mundane and strive to give life an alternative glow. With that in mind, we pushed on with our own passion for arts promotion and created the Navi Mumbai Arts Festival, a one-off non-profit festival of arts that saw over 100 artists from all parts of India exhibit their works to a new audience, bringing much needed culture to the satellite city. We recognised that it can be quite a financial burden to exhibit away from your home town and with the risk to an untested audience so as a goodwill gesture all artists were offered room and board, and assistance with transport of their works and totally looked after over the 4 day festival.


Following on from that endeavour, we executed another festival to promote and bring the art of photography into more prominence with the Navi Mumbai Photo Fest, exhibiting the works of many of India’s leading photographers alongside new and upcoming artists of the genre.


Our non-profit arm to the organisation was well and truly sealed and we have subsequently established many links with other charitable organisations such as orphanages and schools, where we have offered workshops and free events to engage children with art.


The culmination being ArtDesh Foundation.