ArtDesh Foundation is committed to:


  • Promoting new and emerging artists from across India by supporting them towards building and sustaining a career in Art. We define an artist as a creative practitioner who uses visual art as their medium for self-expression, whether that be a painter, sculptor, photographer, conceptual artist or artisan.


  • Developing an active program of art events to connect audiences to new and emerging artists and art practices to broaden the reach of Indian Art.


  • Using visual arts, to engage with local and underprivileged communities, helping to enrich their lives and the thought processes by which they live.


  • Encouraging and forging collaborations across all creative mediums with visual artists.


  • Building long-term relationships with other organizations and institutions, such as art schools, galleries, museums and government bodies to further the objectives of the Foundation.


  • Offering financial support to artists in the form of:

    • a) educational grants to promising artists from underprivileged backgrounds;

    • b) materials and resources to talented art students from underprivileged backgrounds;

    • c) donations to elderly or disabled artists or artists with illnesses that render them no longer capable to produce work to financial sustain their lives;

    • d) sponsored exhibitions for talented new and emerging artists from underprivileged backgrounds.

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